Entertainment Law, Business Law & Mediation Services with Attorney Nicole Weaver in Orlando, Florida

Nicole is committed to providing personalized service to each client in the entertainment, creative and entrepreneurial fields. Your brand, business, artistry, intellectual property or mediation claim is an extension of you and is unique.

You need a law firm that will provide creative legal solutions and strategies that will protect your legal interests and advance your goals.  Nicole provides mediation and legal services focused on you and the specific needs of your business, brand, artistry, intellectual property, or mediation claim.

Nicole provides aggressive, yet respectful, reliable, and responsible mediation & legal services. Nicole meets her clients' expectations with concise, commercial, and strategic expertise, and offers advice proactively, yet cost-effectively.

Nicole is a mediation lawyer who is committed to helping her clients weave creative legal solutions to their disputes.  As a mediator, Nicole’s approach encourages, facilitates, and empowers each party to find creative legal solutions by helping each party to identify the real issues and motivations behind each dispute. Identifying these motives fosters joint problem solving, locates the middle ground, and allows the parties to explore alternative settlement possibilities rather than having to result to a win-lose situation in court.