Music Law

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Music Law Defined

Music law consists of a wide variety of legal concepts, rules, statutes, regulations, case law, practices, customs, and legal principles which have a particular application to the creation, production, distribution, and/or marketing of musical intellectual properties.

Music law includes, but is not limited to some of the following examples:

  • Clearing sampling rights
  • Concert promotion
  • Counseling and representing record labels, music publishers, producers,
    recording artists and songwriters.
  • Merchandising
  • Music licensing for video games
  • Music royalties collection
  • Negotiating and Drafting Band Agreements
  • Negotiating and drafting music licenses (including synchronization, mechanical,
    master use, and performing rights licenses).
  • Negotiating and drafting recording, publishing, producing, and tour-related agreements.
  • Negotiating with ASCAP and BMI
  • Negotiating with performing rights organizations.
  • Podcast advertising contracts.
  • Talent Management and Agent Contracts
  • Trademarking band names logos
  • Work-For-Hire agreements between movie producers and scoring musicians.