Mediation Fees

PAY AS YOU GO HOURLY (Two- Party Mediations)$300 per hour (Two hour minimum)
HALF DAY (Two Party Mediations)$1000 (4 hours)  (Generally 10am-2pm or 2pm-6pm)
FULL DAY (Two Party Mediations)$1600 (8 hours)
PAY AS YOU GO HOURLY (Three Party Mediations)$325 per hour (Three hour minimum)
PAY AS YOU GO HOURLY (Four-Party Mediations)$350 per hour (Three hour minimum)

*If you have an advertisement with a discount offer, you may email or call with the discount code to receive that offer.

*Each additional hour over the scheduled time shall be billed at the pay as you go hourly rate should time be available to extend the scheduled mediation. There is no guarantee your mediation will be extended over the amount of time originally reserved. Therefore, if you believe you will need a half day or a full day you are encouraged to schedule and pay the applicable deposit for such.

*Each party is responsible for ½ of all total fees in a two party mediation, and each party in a multi-party mediation is responsible for their even share of the fee split between the parties.

*Due to Covid, mediations are being held live via Zoom, and no travel costs are associated. If you require an in person mediation, masks will be required and a conference area that allows for safe social distancing for the health and safety of all parties involved. If Zoom mediations are permitted to continue via Zoom after the Covid threat has passed, no travel costs will be assessed for mediations held via Zoom. For sessions that require travel outside the Orlando Metro Area additional reasonable fees shall apply. Please phone the office to schedule in person meetings and receive the specific travel fee associated with your mediation needs.

*The Minimum Fee Deposit charged for the Mediation Conference shall be due within 5 business days of scheduling the Mediation Conference to hold the date unless the date requested is more immediate. This fee will be charged if the conference concludes in less than 2 hours, or if it is canceled or rescheduled without 48 hours advance notice. The remainder of the fee for 4-8 hour mediations is due with in 7 days of the scheduled mediation unless the date requested is more immediate.

*Cancellation Policy: In the event that a settlement agreement has been reached or the mediation needs to be rescheduled, please notify my office immediately. Cancellations that occur within 72 hours of the scheduled Mediation Conference will be charged a cancellation fee. However, if the Mediation Conference is cancelled prior to 24 hours before the originally scheduled Mediation Conference, the Mediation is rescheduled, and actually held, within sixty (60) days of the date of cancellation, the cancellation fee will be applied to the minimum fee deposit for the rescheduled mediation conference. The cancellation fee is the equivalent of the two-hour minimum fee. Cancellations prior to the 72 hour deadline shall receive a full refund. Cancellations between 72-24 hours prior to the scheduled mediation will receive a partial refund. Cancellations within 24 hours will be charged the full fee.

*For Zoom mediations, all parties are advised to be prepared to pay for any hourly charges incurred above the deposit should the mediation exceed two hours via Zelle or PayPal.

*For in person mediations, all parties are advised to bring with them a check, in blank, for any hourly charges incurred above the deposit should the mediation exceed two hours.

*I accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards (a 3.2% convenience/handling fee is added to all credit card payments). Checks should be made out to Nicole Weaver- Hansen.