Mediation Experience

Areas of Experience, include but are not limited to:

Artistic License
Business Law
Collective Bargaining
Commercial Litigation
Condo Association Disputes
Content Licensing
Contract Disputes
Corporate Law
Debt Collection
Endorsement Deals
Entertainment Law
First Party Insurance Claims
Franchise Agreement Disputes
General Civil Litigation
Intellectual Property
Liable and Slander
Media and Communication
Motion Picture Credit Disputes
Moral Rights
Music Publishing Rights
Net and Gross Proceeds Resolutions
Personal Property Ownership Disputes
Professional Fees
Real Estate
Royalty Issues
Securities Transactions
Small Claims
Touring Agreement Disputes
Union and Guild

The Advantage of Hiring an Attorney as a Mediator

Although there is no longer a requirement to be an attorney to be a mediator in Florida, there is a great advantage to hiring an attorney to mediate your dispute.  A mediator cannot give legal advice in mediation because it is the mediator’s job to remain neutral.  However, a mediator, who has the legal education and experience of an attorney, will know the proper questions to facilitate, assist and empower each party to identify and distinguish between the legal issues and non-legal (often emotional) issues that often hamper the ability to reach a solution.